// about

from san diego. to los angeles. to edinburgh. to brooklyn.

i like vietnamese food. i like uppercase futura Ns. i like the colour green. i like british english. i love belle & sebastian on sunday mornings. sometimes i write notes to myself on my wrist. then i accidentally wash my hands later.

i'm far too nice. mostly quiet. sometimes loud depending on the company. i avoid using uppercase letters unless i absolutely have to. i wanted to submit my thesis in all lowercase. my parents made me change it!

i'm a graphic designer and artist. i love my job. and consider myself quite lucky in that regard. i also play guitar in an instrumental post-rock band. we make enough money to continue doing what we're doing. any free time is spent watching carl sagan documentaries and sometimes dancing.

i'm really good at observing. and taking in the world around me. recognizing patterns. and applying mathematics to aesthetics. i'm in tune with my senses. i know what i see. i know what i hear. and i know it well.

i love my family: my parents, my brother, my sister, my nieces and nephews. though we are not geographically close, i feel their presence every day. they are a part of me. i am not alone.