Rishi Neal Arora is a Graphic Designer with 8+ years of industry experience in both print and digital mediums.

Rishi graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a BA in Global Business and a Minor in Music Recording. He worked in the finance and labor law sectors for just under 2 years before realizing his true calling was in the visual arts. After enrolling in night classes in photography and web design at Santa Monica College, he decided to pursue a career in Graphic Design. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Design & Digital Media.

After receiving this degree, Rishi moved to New York City to start his Graphic Design career. He worked briefly at an Interactive Television agency. Then in 2011 he accepted a full-time Studio Designer position within the Internal Creative Agency at Bloomberg.

At Bloomberg he worked on various print and digital projects. Print projects included everything from marketing collateral, magazine adverts, flyers, buttons, step-and-repeat backdrops and much more. He liaised with print technicians regularly to ensure that all final tangible products matched original designs.

In 2013, Rishi accepted a full time position as a Senior Graphic Designer at BounceX, a young tech start-up in New York City. At the time he was hired, Rishi was the 1st full-time Graphic Designer, and the 6th employee at the company. Since then the company has grown to nearly 400 employees (as of February 2019). The current Design Studio is over 15 designers.

Whilst at BounceX, Rishi has focused on digital design, working on literally thousands of various onsite and email graphics for hundreds of clients spanning various industries. Rishi has designed for high profile clients including Lufthansa, Saint Laurent, Hugo Boss, Ray-Ban, Heals, Oakley, Uniqlo and many more. Rishi is currently a Senior Web Design Manager at BounceX, working out of the London office.

Graphic Designer by day, Visual Artist & Musician by night.

In addition to being an experienced Graphic Designer, Rishi is also a talented visual artist. Over the years he has done many sketches, illustrations and large-scale paintings. He prefers an abstract, geometric, non-objective style. Rishi’s paintings show a rule-based methodology, which likely stems from his graphic design training. He has sold a number of paintings to various buyers over the years.

Music also plays a huge role in Rishi’s life. He was classically trained on the piano at an early age, and thus grew up with a keen ear for music. When he was 10, his brother taught him how to play guitar. From then on, he has been writing songs both on his own and with various bands over the years.

His most enduring music project has been Signal Hill, a 4-piece instrumental post-rock band originally formed in Los Angeles in 2004. Over they years they have released 2 EPs and 3 full-length LPs. Rishi plays both electric guitar and keyboard in Signal Hill.

After moving to London in 2014, Rishi started two additional music projects. WESAYYES is a 2-piece emogaze band based in London. Rishi plays guitar, bass and sings. WESAYYES is planning to release a 5-song EP in the Spring of 2019.

Rishi’s latest project, called Sky is Alright, is a fully remote project consisting of Rishi and a childhood friend back in Los Angeles. Rishi plays guitar, bass and sings. He records demos, and sends them to his friend in LA who adds drums. Sky is Alright is planning to release a full-length LP in the fall of 2019.